Making a Name for Yourself?

The world pressures us to make a name for ourselves. Pad your resume. Show off your feats on social media. Climb the corporate ladder. Seek awards and accolades. 

But one episode in the Bible in which people were collectively working to make a name for themselves didn’t end so well. That happened at a place called Babel where people were building a great tower as a monument to their own achievement. But the Lord put a stop to it. He confused their languages and thwarted their designs at making a name for themselves apart from Him. (See the full story in Genesis 11:1-9.)

This past Sunday, we resumed our summer series on the Ten Commandments by focusing on God’s name. The Second Commandment teaches us, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God” (Exodus 20:7). This Commandment shows that God cares about how His name is used among us. After all, He’s both our Maker and our Savior! Why would we want to do anything to dishonor His great name?

God reveals Himself to us most personally by taking on our human flesh and assuming a human name, the name of Jesus. This name was revealed by angelic decree as the name which Mary and Joseph were to give to her son, “for He will save His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). 

The name Jesus means “the Lord saves.” Every time we hear that name, we’re meant to be reminded that that is why Jesus came for us – to save us from our sins, from hell, from hopelessness, and to save us for an eternity in the joy of His presence!

Because of Jesus, we don’t have to make a name for ourselves in the eyes of the world. He sets us free! We don’t need to live under the tyranny of what other people think of us and our achievements because we know what our God thinks of us!  In Jesus, God sees you as His new creation, bearing the name of His Son Jesus Christ to whom you now belong, by Baptism and belief in Him. 

God has made a new name for you! He makes you His Christian, calling you by the name that is above all names, that of His Son, your Savior Jesus Christ.

Don’t stress about making a name for yourself in this short life on earth. Instead, thank God for giving you access to Him through Jesus, so that you can call on His saving name, and joyfully bear His name as His beloved son or daughter in Christ.