Current Bible Study Opportunities

Please join us as we grow in God's Word on both Sunday and Wednesday mornings at St. Matthew.

Our current 9:00 AM Sunday morning topic is the Gospel of Matthew, the namesake of our congregation. Join us in the Sanctuary prior to the Sunday service as we walk through this Gospel book and explore the unique portrait of Jesus that the disciple Matthew recorded for the sake of our life in Christ. 

Our upcoming Sunday Bible Study on Christian Worship will begin on October 22, 2023. Please join us as we explore the Biblical roots of the liturgy, Christian music, and the various elements and practices of Christian worship and as we learn the ways in which our Lord serves us as we gather in His name.

Our current 10:00 AM Wednesday Bible study topic is the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Please join us each Wednesday morning in the Fellowship Hall as we explore the prophet and his times and all the ways in which God inspired Isaiah to speak of Christ and His birth, ministry, suffering, death, resurrection and return.