I recently came across the list below on the Facebook page, "Friends Who Like The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod." I decided it was worth sharing! Not every suggestion may apply to you, but I think there there is something that every Christian can learn from in this list. The Lord bless you as you seek to welcome and invite people to church, whether here at St. Matthew, or in another Christian congregation!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Kory



REMEMBER: The command to love one another is found 14 times in the New Testament. 

1. TRY TO GREET EVERYONE including members you don't know. AT LEAST try to say good morning or good evening, or wave or give a smile. 

2. Every church MEMBER is a host and not a guest. Making visitors feel welcome is primarily the responsibility of members, not the NEBULOUS “church.”

3. The most important person for a visitor to talk to in order to feel at home in a new church is YOU. It is not the pastor, or the greeter, but a regular member. 

4. Treat first time visitors as guests of God, not strangers.

5. Look people in the eye and SMILE.

6. Take the initiative. Don’t wait for others to initiate conversation with you. Introduce yourself. 

7. Learn people’s names and try to remember them.

8. Don't just talk to those you know or to relatives. Remember that every member of your church is part of the family of God, your family. You might not feel the need to reach out but others need your love and friendship, as part of the family of God. 

9. Ask questions and learn about your guests and others you don't know. For example, "Do you live here in [Conway]? Have you always lived here?" 

10. Listening is a very effective way to show love.

11. Remember that some people are introverts so try not to come on so strong that they feel uncomfortable

12. Also greet children 

13. Let children be children (crying, playing, singing!) and don’t expect them to be grown-ups.

14.  Invite visitors to the day’s fellowship meal, Bible Study, etc. 

15. Help visitors find seating that suits the needs of their family. 

16. Help first time visitors by being their tour guide and helping them find worship resources. Visiting a new church is like a cross-cultural experience, even for those of us who have visited dozens of other churches.

17. Invite people to fill out your church’s visitor registration card or guest book.

18. Tell people you’re glad they are here.

19. Pray for them throughout your week.

20. Remember how Christ has loved you and cares about you. Imitate Jesus' love. Imagine how Jesus would greet every person.